President-elect Barack Obama is creating a team of former rivals to be in his Cabinet which has sparked a lot of attention, especially with news that Sen. Hillary Clinton reportedly is on track to be secretary of state as well as a republican. And John Stewart wasn’t afraid to voice his opinions!
    While watching the Daily Show with John Stewart he pointed out that Obama’s strategy is to “keep friends close and enemies closer”. Which I think was well said and a smart move for Obama. I respect Obama for considering Hillary because he will have an idea of what to expect from his previous running mate and also in choosing a republican it shows that Obama is looking beyond political parties and putting America’s best interest first. Eventhough I am a democrat that does not mean I will never agree with a republican that’s just being close minded Obama is simply keeping his options open and keeping our best interest in mind.
       Also when watching the Daily Show, John Stewart showed this picture of Obama and potential cabinent members including Osama Bin Laden which I thought was a little insulting and taking it too far. How did terrorism get into the mix, that wasn’t funny at all!!! That joke crossed the line. Is he trying to say that since Obama is Muslim he’ll just have terrorists join his cabinent, that was extremely ignorant on the show’s part. 

        But other than that the way John Stewart used his bluntness to simplify things concerning Obama’s cabinet was very helpful. I’m not even going to lie before watching John Stewart I was still a little confused about the whole ordeal. Needless to say John Stewart gave me a little crash course which I found surprising!

          Eventhough The Daily Show with John Stewart is not a “real” news show, it helped me understand some topics that I had a problem with previous from watching the show and isn’t that what news is suppose to do at the end of the day. At the end of the day Newscasters and reporters jobs are to report the news but what’s the point if they leave views confused but that’s where satire shows come along and that’s why John Stewart’s gets the ratings he does. We just want to understand what’s going on in this crazy world and have laughter at the same time.


Barack Obama is the first African American President of the United States! It has been confirmed by CNN. Words can’t explain how i feel right know.

As im typing this rite now i hear car honking, fire crackers and people chanting outside. There is so many people outside on my neighborhood block hugging one another . There are many texts and phone calls going on rite now. My mother is running around the house chanting “OBAMA IS PRESIDENT”!!! It’s quite funny.

As soon as my family and i heard the news my grandmother started crying hysterically. She told me to never forget this day and that we as african americans came a long way. The look on her face was full of pride. I just imagined all the african americans who were enslaved  in heaven smiling down on this night.

 This has opened so many doors especially for discouraged black children who can now raise their heads up high in knowing that they can some day become president or anything else they want to become. We now know anything is possible. Ayear from now if you would of told me we were having a black president i would say not in this lifetime.

I didnt think America was ready for change but i guess i was wrong. Race was not an issue and this makes me proud to be an American.We can now have hope that our country can be strong as it once was. I have total faith in my President Barack Obama!!!!!

      According to the Bush administration the federal government would buy up as much as $700 BILLION DOLLARS (yes i said billion) of mortgage assets and other bad debt held by tottering institutions at a deep discount from banks. It’s unknown what taxpayers would ultimately pay for the bailout, but really where is the money goIng to come from i would really like to know ohhh let me see from innocent taxpayers who have good credit and paid off their loans.

    When reading Jeff Jarvis’ blog i was wondering how come Bush and his “little” administration could not have taken this into consideration. Bush always wants to take these big risks knowing that their is a big possibility we will haVe to sacrifice something far mOre worst then the original problem! First it he said was “America will not be afraid” when making his decision to go to war with Iraq (do i say more) now this?

    When Jarvis said “We’re spending $700 billion to bail out the idiots who got us into this mess and we eNd uP wiTh nOtHinG to sHow foR it”, this had me thinking… Why should the innocent people have to suffer??? Why should i be repremanded if i paid off my loans oN time(or better yet just paid them at all) or paid my mortgage?? The 700 billion dollars is gonna come out all of our pockets rich, poor, innocent, or the guilty. There should be another soLutiOn,matter of fact there has to be another solution THIS IS 2008 DAMMIT !!! Okay so your telling me with all thE “smArt” peOple who are in the White hoUse and all the tecnology we have today in age this is the best we came up with, well my godd that’s just crazy!

    I also agree wih Jarvis when he states in his blog that “We could be spending a lot less to get a lot more.” BEcause $700 billion dollars is alot of money wait alot is not even a big enough word to describe it lets just pUt it thIs waY it can make a whole lot of things happen in a sap of a finger.
JArvis stated that some of that money could of went to free education at private colleges, giving everyone laptops and providing free broadband assess. Thats what im talking about, there would no greater gift then expanding one’s possibilites in education.

When i was watching CNN a few hours ago the reporter was saying this “recession” could turn out to be worst than the Great Depression which happened in the 1930’s mind you that was 78 years ago and we still dont have it right yet i know history repeats itsself but geez….

I just hope OBama or Mcain can pick this up and fix the mess Bush has done to this country

When looking at one of my favorite gossip website,,I stubbled across this interview of Matt Damon stating how he felt about Sarah Palin. He said if she was to become president it would be like a “bad disney movie”, I thought this was so hilarious and him being so serious tickled me even more. He said she would be the “soccer mom” who makes it throught so many obstacles and finally becomes president but screws it up, he says it’s totally absurd. He also states in the interview that he is scared that she may become president because he knows nothing about her.
      I think he makes so many good points because I dont really know anything about her and what if McCain gets elected then dies (i know that is kind of harsh but honestly he’s an old guy) then we are stuck with Palin who we know nothing about. How will she know anything about leading the USA. i mean seriously besides really cold weather what obstacles does Alaska go through?

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